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May 2017

Patient Care

Prevention is the best medicine for heat-related illness
Physicians and emergency providers should be part of the effort to educate patients and the public about the dangers of heat-related illness.

Acoustic neuromas impact quality of life
Although benign, acoustic neuromas can impact patients' quality of life significantly. Common signs and symptoms include unilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. Mayo Clinic specialists offer a range of individualized treatment options, including Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

CAIMP provides family-centered therapy for children with mood disorders
Mayo Clinic's Child and Adolescent Integrated Mood Program (CAIMP), a hospital-based, outpatient psychotherapy program, has been shown to reduce inpatient hospital readmissions by 80 percent for at least one year after patients and their families complete it.

12-month program supports patients' weight loss
The intragastric balloon aids weight loss in patients with mild to moderate obesity, but lifestyle changes such as behavior modification, exercise and a healthy diet are crucial for maintaining weight loss once the device is removed.

Weighing the benefits and risks of minimally invasive spine surgery
Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) aims to achieve outcomes equivalent to open surgery while minimizing soft tissue damage. Although pain and recovery times are often reduced in MISS, long-term outcomes are rarely better than those of traditional approaches.


Methylated gene biomarkers may open door to universal cancer screening
Methylated DNA may not only provide an affordable, noninvasive method for pancreatic cancer screening but also represent a first step toward a universal cancer screening test.

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A Systematic Approach to Medically Unexplained Symptoms
Aug. 9-12, 2017, in Half Moon Bay, Calif.
This course provides a diagnostic framework for chronic, functionally based conditions with shared etiologies and presentations. Topics include updates in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, management strategies in chronic headache conditions and therapeutic options for chronic subjective dizziness.

Mayo Clinic Opioid Conference: Evidence, Clinical Considerations and Best Practice 2017
Sept. 14-16, 2017, in Seattle
Explore the shift in guidelines and public concern regarding the use of opioids in medical practice. Focus includes appropriate indication for opioids in clinical practice, evidence-based guidelines for opioids, medication monitoring, tapering and legal considerations.

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The Uncommon Lesion: Dural Fistulas
Neurosurgeon Giuseppe Lanzino, M.D., discusses the importance of detecting the rare and often misdiagnosed arteriovenous dural fistula and proper treatment options.

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