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June 2018

Patient Care

EXIT offers promising alternative for management of HLHS-IAS
Mayo Clinic heart specialists have used an ex-utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) procedure without cardiopulmonary bypass for an open-heart operation. The novel, sequential approach provides a promising strategy for management of hypoplastic left heart syndrome with intact atrial septum (HLHS-IAS).


Meta-analysis supports Watchman for some patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation
Left atrial occlusion devices provide a treatment option for patients at significant risk of thromboembolic stroke for whom long-term anticoagulation is either contraindicated or felt to be suboptimal.

Heart disease-associated genetic mutations account for just 5 percent of SIDS deaths
Targeted analysis of 90 genes implicated in heart disease to 419 unrelated cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) indicates that genetic mutations linked to heart disease are responsible for fewer cases of SIDS than previously thought.

Plasma ceramides show promise as a clinical diagnostic for the identification of patients at risk of adverse cardiovascular events
The pathophysiology of atherosclerosis is a complex intersection of dyslipidemia, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and platelet activation. Recent data support causal associations between each of these pathways and plasma ceramides.

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Cardiovascular Board Review for Initial Certification and Recertification + Optional Post-Course Echo Focus Session
Aug. 25-30, 2018, in Rochester, Minn.
Although this course is designed specifically to prepare the cardiovascular specialist for the cardiovascular boards, it also provides the practicing cardiologist or internist with an update on the latest knowledge and advances in cardiovascular medicine.

Mayo Clinic Interventional Cardiology Board Review
Sept. 7-9, 2018, in Rochester, Minn.
This course addresses basic aspects of interventional cardiology, including catheterization laboratory equipment, radiation physics and safety, pharmacology, and procedural planning and performance. Specific patient lesion and procedural characteristics are highlighted, including a review of challenging cases.

Advanced Catheter Ablation: New Tips, Techniques, and Technologies for Complex Arrhythmias
Sept. 14-17, 2018, in San Francisco
This course provides comprehensive instruction for diagnosing common and complex cardiac arrhythmias in the electrophysiology laboratory and achieving effective and safe ablation. Case-based illustrative presentations highlight diagnostic dilemmas and key management strategies.

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In the Video Center

Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Anomalous Coronary Arteries (Risk Stratification)
Although most coronary artery anomalies are benign, ectopic coronary artery origin can be life-threatening. Treatment options vary based on age and type of coronary anomaly, but surgical repair is available in some populations.

Pulmonary Balloon Angioplasty for Medical Professionals
Traditional treatment for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension includes open thromboendarterectomy. For some patients, however, balloon pulmonary angioplasty is the preferred treatment option.

Cardiovascular Hot Topics
Mayo Clinic heart experts share their perspectives on the hottest topics and insights in cardiovascular medicine and surgery in a series of five-minute videos for medical professionals. Current topics include ventricular and atrial arrhythmias.

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